#3 – How To Survive The First Trimester When You Feel Like Utter Crap

This is my first pregnancy and thus my first experience with how weird and unexpectedly sick you can feel… all the time. If you were one of the lucky ones and didn’t experience any sickness then gosh I envy you, I felt dog rough for a solid 10 weeks and, like everyone, had to keeping working throughout it. Because I’m a freelancer, I always knew pregnancy would be tricky. My main income came through acting gigs and modeling jobs, which become somewhat unlikely when your “eggo is preggo”. So when I found out I was expecting I tried to cram as much work into the first 16 weeks (by then I was starting to show), which when you feel like your stomach is on a ferry all day long, is easier said than done. Here’s some tactics that I used to get me through!


  1. Save face, blame it on your period.

Because its still early days its likely you’re not ready to go around telling everybody your pregnant (especially if like me, a large part of your work kinda relies on you not being!) so I found the old period grumble very useful. After all, most women can sympathise with menstrual cramps and fatigue, but not all women know what it feels like to be harboring a body messing micro-raspberry.


  1. Start a wish list.

This was actually a super distraction whilst lying around or commuting, not least because you start to look at all the cute baby stuff online, but also because it kind of helps reality sink in a little. Amazon have a baby wish list which gives you incentives every now and again so there’s no harm starting one early, just remember to keep it private for now unless you want your friends and family to start suspecting!


  1. Do whatever makes you happy.

One of the greatest (possibly only) joys of being self employed when pregnant is not being confined to normal working hours/days. If you’re tired, sleep in. Want a nap? Do it. Want to go to out for pancakes and coffee and 11am on a Monday, why the hell not. I’m not saying I lived my life by “the rules” before but there’s is no better excuse to shout fuck it, than when you’re in the early stages of pregnancy.


  1. Buy something for the little nugget.

I know I know, it’s early right? But I’m talking something small, token, and cute. A toy or a baby grow or even a little muslin. I remember feeling run down, sick and useless when Bjorn suggested we buy the baby a little onesie thing (soz, I’m still not educated on baby garment lingo) to make it more real. It was actually really nice to have and it did un-intentionally mark the start of this next chapter in our lives. We had it out for ages to look at and it served me as a constant reminder that if we were lucky, all this puke would be worth it in the end.


  1. Video games are great.

Ok so I know I said I worked a lot and I DID, but when I wasn’t working I had to come up with some serious diversion tactics. And another perk of being self-employed is when everyone is at work and you’re not, there’s nobody to hide from. So in the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy, when all my body wanted to do was lie down but my head wanted entertaining, I got secretly addicted to FallOut. And no, I’m not a gamer so this came as a surprise to me too, but man, talk about escapism! It doubled as a stress reliever too as there was a shit load of weird creatures to shoot at. Win win. But, like any addiction, I had to get out before I got in to deep, so around week 10, I cut myself off. #GamersAnonymous #16weeksclean

I reckon any game would do the trick (apart from maybe CandyCrush…) so if you’re feeling really shitty, give it a go.


It worked for me but each to their own, I’m sure there’s a load of inventive ways to fend off the sickness and tiredness, so if you have any top tips then get in touch! I feel the makings of a self help book coming on.

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