#8 – Productive Ways To Prep For Baby’s Arrival

9 months sounds like a long time I know, but trust me, when you get past 12 weeks it starts to fly by faster than a 2 hour bottomless brunch. Now I am REALLY good at procrastinating, especially when I don’t want to be, but with a tiny human inbound and so much to prepare, it motivates the most “I’ll do it later” types of people. So here are some productive ways to prepare for the new addition that’ll make you feel all warm and proud of yourself.


One of the most exciting parts about having a baby (in my opinion) is preparing its little bedroom. If you know the sex of baby then you’ll probably want to tailor the design more one way or the other… but remember! We live in a modern world, gender is fluid, colours aren’t binary and boy’s can wear pink. And although I don’t know whether I’m having a boy or a girl, and although I haven’t bought anything pink regardless… that didn’t stop me painting the nursery pink.

A picture I saw on Pintrest inspired me; I loved the idea of a soft pink colour with green and yellow accents, and a little hint to wildlife. I found an awesome picture of a bird on the FY app and together they create a cool, calming, yet colorful vibe.

If you don’t have a designated space for baby yet it’s no biggy, after all they will probably spend the first 6 months in your room, so try decorating something else for the little blob; a moses basket or blanket maybe? Which leads me nicely on to…

Get Crafty!

This past time is a good-en because I personally love a bit of up-cycling. Although Bjorn will tell you my ambition is somewhat bigger than my level of dedication (and my box of “things to be up-cycled at some point” does annoyingly support his opinion), but I have managed to complete a few things for our baby.

Case and point! A changing table that I found looking for a new home on Freecycle.org. It was old and dark varnished, but sturdy and relatively unmarked. And free. Yay!

Dark varnish isn’t my bag and certainly didn’t suit my nursery vision so I set about rubbing it down to take off the lacquer, followed by a coat of Dulux white primer for wood.

This is when my little project stalled a bit *cough* a lot… I’m not really sure why… things came up alright! But then, one day, I was in Wilko’s and walked past the paint section, there I saw a paint colour called “Antique White” and like an up-cycling divine vision I just knew… I had to finish it.

And so I was reborn.

With the change table now painted a lovely off white to match the cot and wardrobe, I just had to figure out what to do with the shelf parts. I knew I wanted to use a strong pattern to make it more of a feature (though it would ultimately be mostly covered by baskets of baby stuff) and I searched high and low, far and wide (…on Amazon) for the right kind of fabric, napkins or tissue paper. But I eventually found a roll of wallpaper, selling for the bargain price of £2 of Facebook Marketplace, in a dark green tropical print that made me all enthused. Bonus – I had some leftover wallpaper paste from our decorator too so it was pure destiny.

You should know, I have never wallpapered anything before but it was a doddle. In fact, the whole project was, and if I hadn’t been such a distracted lazy bitch I reckon it would’ve taken me about a day to complete the whole darn thing. But, I got there in the end, and it was totes worth it.

Educate yourself

There are only so many baby and pregnancy books you can read before you’re re-reading the same stuff (I’d say about 2 and you’ve covered everything) but not many of them cover the really scary and arguably most important stuff. Bjorn and I wanted to be as prepared as possible for those early years of parenting. (I’ve heard rumours kids can be pretty reckless, accident prone, and gun ho…) so we decided to take an Infant First Aid course.

There are lots out there and you can find a local class with a quick Google but some are pricer than others (No I’m not putting a cap on how much I’m willing to spend on my child’s safety but let’s be real, there’s always Youtube videos). We opted for MiniFirstAid (http://www.minifirstaid.co.uk) who charge £25pp and I’m so glad we did it. They cover everything from newborn issues and sudden illnesses to toddlers choking on weird shit, falling over and cutting themselves open. Oh the joys.

Although it put the fear of death into us, thinking that this actually happens to some people, we came away more reassured we’d know what to do if the time ever comes for us.

Also… there are sweets and freebies. And you know how I love a freebie.

Get Cooking

This is Miss Super Prepared and Sensible talking now. At 37 weeks I’ve started stocking the freezer with extra meals that Bjorn and I can zap up when we’re busy trying to wrangle a newborn. It may seem a little over planned but I literally can’t think of anything worse than being hormonal, tired, hungry and trying to fed a baby whilst being told there’s nothing to eat except toast. “Hangry” won’t even come close. So I’m preempting it all by being super prepared and it’s really no extra hassle, whatever you’re cooking, just make double!

Extra perk – I’ve become quite a good cook recently (I think my mum genes have kicked in) so I am actually excited at the prospect of choosing from our “freezer menu” what to have for dinner … without having to actually cook it.

Winner winner re-heated dinner.

Treat Yourself

If you manage all of the above then you’re doing fabulously but you’ll probably be knackered, so my final suggestion to prepare for baby is to prepare yourself. Whatever it is you enjoy doing for yourself, just do it. Get a massage. Buy yourself a gift. Have a wax! Or go for an afternoon tea with some pals. There is NO better excuse to treat yourself than in the final leg of pregnancy. And if truth be told, it might be a long wait until the next time! Cheers!

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