#6 – Five Apps To Download While The Bun Is Cooking


This was the first app I stumbled across and I’ve used it the whole way though my pregnancy. It’s dead easy and pretty helpful. As with many others, you input your baby related details and it creates a calendar for you, showing you an active picture of “your baby” (note; obviously this is not your ACTUAL baby, much to the disappointment of my mother in law who she shrieked at the sight of a willy… unless, the app knows more than I do… TBC.). The little baby graphic even has its own heart beat that you can hear, totally pointless, but kinda cute. Every week the weird looking e-creature develops and changes, and some dots appear around it giving you insights into the development and size. Now I know what you’re thinking, “does it tell me what size it is compared to a fruit or vegetable, because I simply must know in order to fathom its reality week by week”… well pipe down pineapple, it does.

There’s a ton of helpful posts and notes to guide your way, and a handy function of adding things to a “to do” list so you can remember what to speak to your midwife or doctor about. Or you can add your own… brownie points for guessing my addition.

Sprout also has a built in journal where you can take pictures, upload pictures and write about key events in the pregnancy, which initially I thought sounded like too much hassle but actually I think will prove handy if I’m pregnant again and want to compare the journeys. And lastly, a concise list of newborn essentials that you can tick off gradually, super helpful when its constantly sold as though you need a hundred thousand things.



A lot like Sprout but I find the interface slightly less appealing, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the lack of computer-generated heart beating fetuses… BabyCentre only has pictures, pfft. What is great thought is the abundance of info. There are tons of posts and articles with new ones added all the time and most are really quite informative for us first time mums. Again, its tailored to you so week by week it changes and offers new advice, and new vegetables.

(There’s the old cabbage comparison)

Unlike some other apps, it has a build in forum where you can join groups and hear from (/talk to, for the confident among us) other mums to be. “Bumpie” is its own camera feature, which LUCKILY gives you a stick man style guide so you know exactly how to pose to show off your bump… I KNOW RIGHT, phew! Even with my years of modeling experience, I’d still struggle…

Perhaps the most useful feature of BabyCentre is actually its name database though. You can type in any name you might be considering (I’m yet to catch it out) and it gives you the popularity ranking, background, meanings etc etc etc. Really good if like myself you want an unusual name that isn’t a current trend.

Gentle warning to all those considering “Olivia”, “Sophia”, “Oliver” or “Noah”… #Top10MostPopular



Calling all bargain hunters and freebie whores! This is the baby app for you. It has the general shiz; baby development pics much like BabyCentre and an abundance of articles. Also a little “Foot Size” graph so you can see how big the little nuggets feet are, cute but not all that informative. I’m thinking a head circumference graph would have been more helpful for physiological preparation… if you know what I mean. It has a growth calendar and BLAH BLAH BLAH GET TO THE FREE STUFF!! Ok ok, Bounty offer a range of free packs from Mum-to-be to Newborn to a Growing Family pack, filled with some handy and some sales pitchy bits. But a freebies a freebie am I right!?

On the Free Stuff page there’s a ton of offers and codes for a variety of items, which to be fair, make a big difference on the larger baby purchases such as cots, prams and car seats.


Mixing it up a bit here. If you’re a first time mum like me and don’t have a ton of friends who are also procreating, then it can get a bit lonely and whilst I love talking about pregnancy crap, I don’t want to bore my non-pregnant friends socks off about it. So this is where Mush came into my life. It’s like Tinder for mums, without the flirting (sometimes there’s flirting). You can create a profile with when you’re due and it’ll show you other mums or mums-to-be in the local area who you can connect with. So far, I’ve been on two “Mush dates” and they’ve been delightful. Not only do you naturally have something in common straight away with your new potential friend, it’s actually the foundation of your meet up so you can talk baby related nonsense to your hearts content!

I’m not there yet but there seems to be a big support network for existing mums too; lots of communal play dates, picnics in the park and group meet ups. All very suburban wifey, (I’m waiting for the bungee jumping meet up) but a nice community to be a part of.



You know how I said Mush was like Tinder for mums… I lied. Peanut is. You actually swipe up and down on mums depending on whether you like the look of their profile. Its super weird when you think about it, I mean, what can you really tell from someone’s picture in order to judge whether you might get on? Although this style of person shopping can seem harsh, I actually think it’s weirdly effective, but I stick to a simple solid unwavering rule at the moment in order to cast my judgment; if their baby is already born and over 3 months, it’s a no from me. I don’t want to see that far into my future, ignorance is bliss.

But by far the stand out element to Peanut is the forum where you can, once again, read posts from other mums. But listen, for whatever reason the Peanut forum is hella entertaining. It’s like reading an episode of Jeremy Kyle I shit you not. People share the most personal stuff because they can remain anonymous and it makes for a cringey, cry-y, shocking way to kill some time. I’m not saying its nice, but schadenfreude is a definitely a real thing.


Ok, was that 5?… I think that was 5… Man, this baby brain thing does not let up! Here’s to regaining full mental capacity, perhaps with the help of the aforementioned tech and some new mum friends.



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