#5 – The Five Best Films To Watch When You’re Pregnant And Chilling

It’s happened. You’re with child. You’re excited and full of life and yet scared and unsure. Well fear not, there’s thousands of films about babies that you can watch with eager eyes (and a notepad) to help prepare you… admittedly most of them will put the fear of god in you because they’re crazy (Rosemary’s Baby, I’m looking at you.) so here’s my top 5 “safe” flicks. Enjoy!

  1. Look Who’sTalking

If you haven’t seen this film then you should be ashamed. It is a CLASSIC and has actually got better with time because now it’s all retro and shit. John Travolta is at his best and will give you hope that even the most unready of men can make great fathers. Kirstie Alley, who I always thought was exceptionally annoying inthis film, now hits me right in the heart with her mum to be struggles and emotional suffering. You go girl.

Oh and did I mention that Bruce Willis plays a fetus (at least at the beginning)! I’m not, and will never be, sure why but it’s the most loveable thing. EVER. #BabyBruce

  1. Juno

What’s more relatable when you‘ve accidently got pregnant than a young

girl who’s accidently got pregnant… not much, that’s what. Admittedly this was one of my favourite comedy films before I was a human oven, not least because of Ellen Page (Legend.), but because its quirky humour is quite out of character for US mainstream comedy, it gets me good and lolling. Also, the soundtrack is a treat for the ears. The film follows Juno’s pregnancy and her preparation to give the child up for adoption, sounds hilarious doesn’t it… well it is.

  1. Jack & Sarah

This film is a 90’s gem. It’s sad, so prepare yourself! But not because of the baby, the baby turns out fine. What I liked about it is the realism. It’s not an ideal situation that Richard E. Grant finds himself in, and it’s a stark reminder when you might already be feeling sorry for yourself and sensitive about your pregnant state, that life is not always easy, especially with a baby! But it’s feel good because it’s steeped in strength and inspiration for how to rock parenthood. And it has a killer emosh scene with the baby and a certain Simply Red song. Tissues at the ready!

  1. Knocked Up

Oh come onnnnnn, what do you mean you haven’t seen this!? It’s a classic easy watch chuckle that you have on in the background while you discuss crap with you girlies. Katherine Heigl (my idol) is the unsuspecting knocked up-ee and her comedy equivalent Seth Rogan improbably provides a totally cool dad role. Together they have great chemistry, which provides for a charming watch with the odd laugh; it’s far from a masterpiece but its makes for a good watch.

Why is it on the Top 5 list? Because it’s Katherine. That’s why.

  1. What To Expect When Your Expecting

This is like a mash up of 4 & 5; it’s got a bit of the realism from Jack & Sarah but a lot of the Hollywood like Knocked Up. It’s a pretty spanking female cast; Cameron Diaz, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick all make this film fun as fuck and amusingly enlightening.

Whilst I can assure you these are all decent films for bedtime or a lazy Sunday, I CANNOT guarantee that your inner film critic will be impressed… or if you’re like me, that your film snob of a fiancé will sit and watch them with you.


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