#9 – How To Enjoy Your Last Days Of Pre-Parenthood (& a message to my baby)

The end is nigh. Like, really nigh. It’s come around so quickly that I actually don’t remember where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday I was looking at the remaining 246 days of pregnancy and thinking “man, […]

#8 – Productive Ways To Prep For Baby’s Arrival

9 months sounds like a long time I know, but trust me, when you get past 12 weeks it starts to fly by faster than a 2 hour bottomless brunch. Now I am REALLY good at procrastinating, especially when I […]

#7 – Five Important Questions To Ask Before Baby Arrives

The people who plan to have a baby are probably a bit more prepared and have already quizzed themselves before pro-creating… but what about when it’s an accident? An unplanned surprise? You find yourself pregnant, confused and thinking a million […]

#6 – Five Apps To Download While The Bun Is Cooking

Sprout This was the first app I stumbled across and I’ve used it the whole way though my pregnancy. It’s dead easy and pretty helpful. As with many others, you input your baby related details and it creates a calendar […]

#5 – The Five Best Films To Watch When You’re Pregnant And Chilling

It’s happened. You’re with child. You’re excited and full of life and yet scared and unsure. Well fear not, there’s thousands of films about babies that you can watch with eager eyes (and a notepad) to help prepare you… admittedly […]

#4 – Five Things Actually Worth Buying When You’re Preggers

Basically, a pregnant girl is a retail company’s wet dream… with a happy ending. Not only are we suddenly in turmoil about our bodies, but there is SO MUCH stuff we’re told we need… so you’d be forgiven for having […]

#3 – How To Survive The First Trimester When You Feel Like Utter Crap

This is my first pregnancy and thus my first experience with how weird and unexpectedly sick you can feel… all the time. If you were one of the lucky ones and didn’t experience any sickness then gosh I envy you, […]

#2 – The Pregnancy Rules (that are not made for breaking)

Turns out, when you’re pregnant, there’s a lot of DO’s and bloody DON’T’s when it comes to your life (that you’re now sharing with a miniature hitchhiker quietly coasting along in your womb.) I can deal with the DO’s; Take […]

#1 – My First Five Pregnant Thoughts

My First 5 thoughts when I read I was preggers; Oh. Shit. Fuck. Crap bags. Whoops. Ha! I joke (sort of). But it definitely wasn’t the magical moment I’d always expected. Some people say it’s “the happiest moment in your life”. […]